Teknisk säljare sökes till NV Skåne

kgNimo-KG AB är en av Europas främsta leverantörer av utrustning för intern produkthantering, med majoriteten av kundbasen inom livsmedels-
branschen. I produktsortimentet finns bland annat behållare, lyft och tömmare samt vågar och satsningsstationer.

Företagets kontor finns i Kågeröd, produkterna produceras hos samarbetspartners i Sverige, Tyskland, Polen och Kina. Mer information om oss finns på nimo-kg.se

Till Nimo-KGs kontor i Kågeröd söker vi nu en teknisk säljare.

Vi söker dig som har:
• Stor teknisk förståelse och erfarenhet. Du kanske är maskiningenjör eller har arbetat med teknisk lösningar inom industrin.
• Intresse och erfarenhet av försäljning, kundkontakter och avslut. Du gillar att göra affärer och drivs av att komma i mål.
• Kunskap och erfarenhet från livsmedels- eller liknande bransch. Du förstår dig på de processer man arbetar med och de utmaningar man har i produktionen.
• Affärs- och teknisk engelska och gärna även tyska.

På Nimo-KG får du en självständig tjänst i ett team av tre säljare som arbetar med kunder i Sverige och andra länder. Du arbetar tätt med konstruktörer och lämnar inte din affär förrän hela projektet är genomfört och kunden använder era maskiner. Kunden fortsätter du att underhålla för framtida affärer. Du arbetar även med att hitta nya kunder som kan vara både direktkunder och återförsäljare. Resor förekommer.

I den här tjänsten samarbetar vi med rekryteringskonsult Lena Lilliér. All kontakt går genom henne. Du söker tjänsten via mail till Lena på adressen lena@lillier.se.
Vi tillämpar löpande urval, så sök tjänsten omgående och senast den 16 mars.

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This weeks episode from our brochure…

Bild 1This is a recurring theme on our blog. For some time ahead we are going to highlight selected parts of our new brochure (which you can find here).

In this post we will focus on: Order process and order flow

In many cases your needs are more than enough covered by our standard range, which is well defined and specified in regards of dimensions and capacity. In order to best meet your specific expectations and demands we must often adapt and change our standard solution to suit your specified situations. This is something we are used to and don’t mind doing for you. To assure the quality and achieve full satisfaction after delivery, we use a well-tested model which we describe for you here.

Bild 1

1. Order confirmation
It is important that all information is complete and correct when the order is issued. We clearly state the details of the order in the confirmation together with layout and enclosed illustrations. We always await your evaluation and confirmation before we start up the manufacturing process.

2. Approval of drawings
Before manufacturing we prepare and finish all the drawings, order all components that is not in stock and book the necessary capacity in the factory. When possible we also integrate surrounding equipment on the layout in order to minimize the possibility for errors. Has there been any changes after the order confirmation we always do a check with you as the customer.

3. Production/delivery
When the machine is manufactured and assembled, there is a supply and quality inspection by a predetermined protocol. All dimensions and capacities are checked and documented. The equipment is then shipped complete with manuals and documentation, well packed on an export approved pallet.

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Martin Olsson new Managing Director at Nimo-KG

Bild 1The news was released internally in late August and now, in mid September, the change is about to come into effect. Martin Olsson, currently the Technical Director at Nimo-KG, takes over as Managing Director as Johan Bergman leaves to take on new challenges. “I feel very excited and extremely honoured,” says Martin Olsson, Managing Director at Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG is the technical specialist that, for the past five decades, has become a household name in the international food industry with their equipment for internal product handling. Lifts, tipping devices, weighing and batching stations are a few examples from the broad product range – and each year some 200 machines and more than a thousand stainless steel containers are delivered to customers worldwide.

Johan Bergman has led the company since 2005, made it an obvious procurement choice and delivered over 1.500 machines – but will now move on to other challenges. And therefore, Martin Olsson takes over as Managing Director in mid September. Martin has a long history at Nimo-KG and started as a designer as early as 1998. Since 2007 he has held the title of Technical Director, and in the new role he now plans to increase the overall technical focus even further.

“I have had a long career at Nimo-KG, I am familiar with every detail of the company and it is hugely inspiring to have been given this chance. Our brand is strong and stable in the lifting and tipping equipment market and my main aim will be to cement this further. I will work hard to make Nimo-KG the first and obvious tech partner choice for the food industry, to an even greater extent than today. Both in terms of standard machines and customized special solutions,” says Martin Olsson.

What does this mean to your customers?
“In general: Business as usual. I will now receive a number of new responsibilities and first and foremost I need to get acquainted with my new position.”

Nimo-KG is a subsidiary of Nimo-Verken, based in Hova, Sweden – best known for its laundry related products, which are produced for several of the largest appliance suppliers. Timo Taiminen, one of the board members and also the CEO of Nimo-Verken, was involved in choosing the new Managing Director at Nimo-KG.

“Electing Martin Olsson as Managing Director is right in line with our strategy to further enhance Nimo-KG’s offer to the customer base, which has expanded significantly during Johan Bergman’s leadership. Martin is a skilled technician with straightforward management style, which makes him perfect for the job. This will result in an even greater focus on the kind of smart tailored-made solutions that have made Nimo-KG a well known name in the industry. Both domestically and internationally, says Timo Taiminen.

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This weeks episode from our brochure…

Bild 1This is a recurring theme on our blog. For some time ahead we are going to highlight selected parts of our new brochure (which you can find here).

In this post we will focus on: Accessory products for trolleys and containers

Washing and cleaning accessories
Bild 1
A trolley or container needs to be washed after every use. In order to do this in an efficient way we offer you different tools or accessories that has proven to be very helpful.


Bild 2In order to store the trolleys or containers we have developed a range of different solutions. Depending on your needs different solutions are required. A washed trolley should preferably be stored upside down while a container containing a food mix which needs to be stored for a period of time, needs a different solution. Ask us what solution would be best for you.

Protection of the content Bild 3

We have an assortment of different kinds of products to protect the content of the ingredients, product or raw material in the container. There are cases where it is a need for a tight and heavy duty lid made of stainless steel or plastic. Many times it is enough with a thin plastic film that is supposed to be used one time. We have the solution for you in regards of easy handling and all hygienic aspects.

Stacking tools
Bild 4
The standard trolley would many times be better off if it could be stacked after being filled with a content. We have hygienic and safe tools for this: the stacking lid.

Spare parts

Bild 5The component which suffer the most on the standard trolley is, of course, the wheel. We have these on stock to be delivered to you at short notice as a spare part. Wheels, together with a numerous number of components, can always be delivered at short notice.

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A unique offer – almost 40% less!

We do our very best to fulfill the expectations that you as customer have on us every day. Our motto is “Where specials are standard”, meaning that a normal project for us is to optimize the product for your situation the best we can. It also means that we redesign our products to fit into your special situation. Also we adapt to the currency you are familiar to use and the delivery term you feel confident with. This means that we are adding design hours, risk momentum and administration costs. For a customized project this will still be at a reasonable price level.

However when it comes to a situation where a machine in standard execution are doing the job. When it will be very transparent with our competition. At these occasions we now and then meet the comment “Your quality is great, but the price is too high…”.

This is why we started thinking about this new approach. If we share the risks, agree on certain terms and accept certain limits we can offer you the highest quality to the lowest price on the market. Also the shortest lead time you have ever seen! At this moment we are working on building a stock on these items. With this set up there are only winners.

Choose a single column lift, right or left-handed, mobile or fixed, tipping between 1600 – 2200 mm. All we ask for is to be able to invoice in SEK, you pay the transport and pay in advance.

If you have other preferences just ask and you will receive a quote as usual.

Read more: Special blog offer C3 2013

Bild 1

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What are we up to this week

banner2_bagerimassa2013Anders is planning a mini-tour in the north of Sweden. One of the objectives is to visit the bakery trade fair in Umeå on Saturday (read more at http://www.bagerimassa.se). On the way, he has booked several visits to both existing and future customers. It is always interesting to see how it looks on the site where we have ongoing projects and its also easier to push them forward after a little visit.

Nimo KG Kågeröd. Personal och service reparatör.Paul are working hard with services at our clients production lines. Last Monday a customer had an accident on a lift nearby. During the Tuesday, Paul worked with getting together the right parts, including gear, sprockets and special slide blocks in order to solve the situation in the afternoon or at the evening at the latest. Quick service is worth gold!

Nimo KG Kågeröd. Personal och service reparatör.Torsten is in negotiations with a number of interesting projects that will be realized in the near future. Hopefully, we can present the news in a few months, we are holding our fingers crossed!

We are also sketching on a special offer of our single column lifts, the C3. Can you imagine a standard lift under certain predetermined conditions, if so, we can offer it a unique low price. Will return soon with more details!

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This weeks episode from our brochure…

Bild 1This is a recurring theme on our blog. For some time ahead we are going to highlight selected parts of our new brochure (which you can find here).

In this post we will focus on: Products options for Containers

Safety guarding
Bild 2
In some situations, it’s necessary to safe guard the handling of the lifting/tipping unit. For instance when the SKV 300 C3 needs to tip higher than 2500 mm, we use a guarding for optimal safety. This is a matter that often needs to be designed depending on the situation and position of the unit.

Chute arrangements
Bild 3
In order to avoid spills of products it is very important to find a good chute arrangement. We offer a number of standard solutions. We can of course also design a chute arrangement after your own requirements and specifications.

Loading tumblers
Bild 4
We have long experience in designing solutions for loading tumblers. This is an application that very often causes a messy situation, however with our solutions we can assure a very good result. A tight chute that leads right into the tumbler. We have solutions for single tumblers as well as a number in a row serviced with a tipper working along a rail.

Lifting frames for multiple containers
Bild 5
In many cases there is a need to tip more than one type of container in a lifting/tipping device. We have developed solutions for most variations over the years. However you must be aware of the risk of spilling product the more containers we integrate to the same lifting frame.

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