Amazing effects after presenting our movie.

Thursday we had 115 viewers, today we have over 6000. What happened? Well the press got to know about it.

We’ll take it from the beginning. When we planned how to present ourselves at IFFA and how to tell the “whole world” about the new ground-breaking one-column lift, the SKV 300 C3, we joked about making an nutricious presentation. We, in particular myself (Johan), has always been impressed about Apples, and Steve Jobs product presentations. Our PR-partner said “let’s borrow the format and make a grand presentation of the iLift”. And so we did. Go in to our YouTube channel and se the result.

The other day the press got a hold of it. Not only the local press, also the national and different industry medias. For instance MacWorld in Sweden wrote a nice article
as well as Ny Teknik
and Metal Supply
the list goes on. We are just waiting for the international press… 🙂

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One Response to Amazing effects after presenting our movie.

  1. Johan says:

    Now we are viewed over 10 000 times! Isn’t it exraordinary 😉
    We also just distributed an international pressrelease in the matter. Lets hope it’ll give us a new wave to surf on…

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