Tipping different containers with the same unit.

A standard lifter / tipper is optimized for tipping a certain type of container. The tip is expected to be as clean as possible, meaning that all product should end up in the hopper (or similar) it is supposed to. The trick is to verify what type of product is to be tipped, where it should go and what container is used. With all the correct information it is very likely to find a very optimized solution.
When it becomes difficult is when more than one container is to be used. See the movie clip here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkwlz4mIoCs where the lifting frame is adapted not only for a plastic pallet container, but also a 200 liter trolley…

This is not a result that wants to be seen.

The best is, of course, not to combine different containers. But if there is no choice we have done a retractable chute arrangement seen in next picture. This will retain the product form sliding down to the floor and instead go into the hopper it is intended to.

So the learning points is to put all information possible on the table while projecting a lifting / tipping device. Overall situation, containers to tip, what to tip into, what to tip and capacity, just to meantion the most important ones.

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