Bag filling station

A customer of ours had a packaging process they needed to improve. It was a small volume product, but it took a lot of resources to resolve.

In short they needed to transport small pieces of cheese to a seperate room. After weighing the batch they wanted to manually fill the pieces into 8-liter plastic bags. When the cheese was put into bags a second control weight was needed and then transported into a cooling area.

After some thought we suggested to transport the cheese in standard 200 liter trolleys and use a standard hydraulic tipper, the SKV 200 HA 90. In the tipper the cheese was tipped up to a taylor made table integrated in the tipper. The table had 2 holes where the bags could be fitted. We also supplied a standard scale for standard trolleys. It turned out to be a very cost efficient and space efficent solution that the operators liked alot. Please see illustrations below.

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