Beware – the copy pirates has come to our line of products!

I recieved an email with a request for a manufacturers declaration regarding a scale unit. This declaration is a proof of who made the machine and who is responsible for supplying a safe machine. I responded with some questions to determine which identity the machine had. The answer I got puzzled me quite a bit… I found 2 pictures, one of the scale unit and one of the type sign which they just about recieved.

It was pretty easy to see by the details that we hadn’t manufactured the unit, however it was very similar, a well-made copy I would say. What was even more interesting was that the picture of the machine sign showed a sign that we never seen before. A poorly copied logo (not even the correct letter types) and the machine number that doesn’t exist in our documentations.

I must say that I felt a bit proud and impressed. Someone who put down quite som work to copy our machine solutions in order to fool a poor customer that he where buying a Nimo-KG original product. Isn’t that proof of having a good product line and a higly valued trade mark. 😉

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