Process Expo in Chicago

On November 1–4 it is show time for the best of the best in the food and beverage industry at Process Expo in Chicago – the worldwide trade fair. And with the biggest global players in place, and nearly 500 exhibitors, two Swedish companies are getting ready to shine a little extra. ”Our new machines optimize some of Europe’s most popular industry solutions. And now, for the first time, they will be easily available to American companies as well,” says Johan Bergman, Managing Director at Nimo-KG.

Nimo-KG’s SK 800 MK2 is the latest model of one of the company’s best selling machines ever. A powerful twin column lift that fills molding machines, tumblers and grinders with up to one ton per lift. The update is seen in the new design, which optimizes the use of shaped rimless sheet metal. This gives a lighter and even more hygienic machine, as the risk of food getting stuck is minimized. The electri cal system has also been modified and is now placed on abutments, making the sides completely smooth and even easier to clean.

Read more in our latest pressreleases:
In English
In German
In Swedish

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