SKV 300 C3

Is our best selling model, whose design goes back to one of our first patents, usually called a single column lift. It´s combined lifting- and tipping function is adapted to convey 200 and 300 liters trolleys to forming machines, fillers, grinders or mixers. A lock mechanism on the lifting frame ensures that the container is held in place and a rugged guard prevents it from falling in the event of a chain break.

Column lifts have been used to lift and tip raw material into a production line for many years. However this is the first time this type of handling equipment has been systematically developed in order to fi t the needs and expectations of its users. The SKV 300 C3 has a modern and efficient design.

It’s a reliable unit for feeding the production line with
material without spillage or safety issues. It’s also easy to clean and low on maintenance. The C3 is available as standard in many versions:

– Bolted or mobile
– Left or right handed
– Fixed or variable tipping point
– Straight or side tipped
– Always in stainless steel execution

For more information visit our website or feel free to contact us!

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