Not only Santa was busy this time of year

The last delivery of the year was probably one of the most extensive ones made in a single day in the Nimo-KG history. December 21st we sent 5 fully loaded trucks with 14 machines to one single customer. “-We have had orders with larger numbers, but never shipped with this compressed schedule.” Johan Bergman, managing director, informes.
”-NH Logstics, the forwarder, have been very cooperative. They let us access the trailers in good time so that we could load them thoroughly for the trip throughout Eurpope. ” Sofia Pries, responsible for shipping, tells us.
”-As Sales and project manager I’d like to give praise and thank to all and everyone involved in this project. This goes for design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, packing and loading this amount of machines at one and the same time. Hopefully this gives increased confidence at our customers.” says Torsten Palmgren.
Lars Andersson who saw to it that all trailers where safely loaded and sent in time finished up by informing us all that ”-Now it is time to celebrate Christmas!”

(English version of previous post)

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