Lifting and tipping – a selection

Here is a selection of some of our most popular lifting and tipping equipment.

SKV 200 HA 90

Used in the food industry for tipping 200 liter trolleys, but may also be adapted to barrels or other smaller containers. It has a low tipping height and is ideally suited for tables and conveyors.

SKV 300 C3

The best selling model, whose design goes back to one of our first patents, usually called a single column lift. It´s combined lifting- and tipping function is adapted to convey 200/300 liter trolleys to forming machines, fillers, grinders or mixers. A lock mechanism on the lifting frame ensures that the container is held in place and a rugged guard prevents it from falling in the event of a chain break.

SK 800 HA

For emptying large containers at table height and is particularly well suited for unloading onto conveyors. Like several of our other machines it can be customized as required and also adapted to lift barrels or other large containers.

SK 800 MK

A powerful lifting and tipping tool for the food industry that handles large standardized containers for unloading to units such as forming machines, fillers, grinders or mixers. This two-column lift can be adapted to handle a range of alternative barrels or containers and can also be equipped for use within the environments of engineering workshops, as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Do you see something that might interest you? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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