Scales and batching machines

We offer scales for the standard trolleys in 2 different sizes, the SKV 200 ESV up to 350 kg and SK 800 ESV above 350 kg. We also offer a combination of different standard tipping units, together with scales to arrange different batching stations. An efficient solution for making different kinds of mixes.

Elevating equipment

We have a range of different elevating equipment to elevate pallets, trolleys, containers or other product carriers. They come in different sizes and models depending on weight and size.

Pallet handling

Equipment for exchanging pallets in order to switch from an external transport pallet to an internal hygiene pallet, a task we have been working with for many years. Our different solutions can solve most product variations that need to be handled. We can offer solutions in both stainless steel execution as well as mild steel versions.

Customer specific solutions

Aside to our standard product range we also make specialized systems for product handling. You are most welcome to contact us for any task concerning product handling.

If you see something that might interest you? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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