Main Sponsor for Chark-SM 2012!

November 1st it is once again time for “Chark-SM“, a competition for the meat industry in Sweden, and yet again we have the pleasure of being one of the main sponsors of this year’s event. The event will be held at the Clarion Hotel Post in central Gothenburg.

This is the main event among the Swedish food industry and this year’s main event for the meat industry. It brings together the most important sections of the industry in a relaxed and personal environment with excellent opportunities to establish and maintain business contacts.

“Chark-SM” is the given food industry trade fair to participate in. “- A perfect opportunity to demonstrate our products and to create new, as well as maintain important contacts, says Johan Bergman. – At the fair, we hope to show the industry that we are an innovative and competent player to work with. We also look forward seeing the different directions that developments are pointing at”, continues Johan Bergman.

As main sponsor, we will be seen here and there at the event and be part of raising the standards of the meat industry’s products. We will certainly contribute to that as well as to help inspire and be inspired ourselves.

For us, it feels natural and evident to continuously improve our products. Can we help to strengthen the entire industry it will benefit both our business and the whole Swedish meat industry.

This year’s competition in “Chark-SM” will have a greater focus on consumers. This, with hopes of raising awareness of the actual competition, but above all also to raise awareness and draw attention to the products that will be honored the competition.

The contest consists of 16 product classes and fully focused on product quality. The quality is judged by a panel of judges consisting of product experts, representatives from the meat industry, Spice Company’s and consumers.

The event will last for a whole day and will include the competition “Chark-SM”, conferences and plenty of time to mingle and visit the exhibition hall. The day is rounded off with a traditional banquet
where the 2012 Swedish Champions is appointed in the 16 product classes.

Sign up November 1 in your calendar now and meet us from NIMO-KG together with other meat industry profiles at “Chark-SM” 2012!

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