New product from Backsaver – Palletlifter

We recently teamed up with the Dutch company van Oirschot Roestvrijstaal B.V who manufactures the Backsaver. Their product line completes the gap in our own portfolio in a very good way. The focus in the Backsaver units is to present the containers / trolleys / pallets to the operator in a convenient way. Ergonomics and hygiene is the key words which fits beautifully with our own watch words. They have their primary on customer needs in:

– Meat Processing (Pork, beef, Poultry)
– Fishery and fish processing
– Vegetable and fruit industry
– Large Bakeries

Their latest development is called BSMPL – Backsaver Palletlift.

The Backsaver pallet lift is convenient to use when stacking or de-stacking your crates onto or from your pallets. Of course it is made 100% in stainless steel which makes it perfect to use inside the hygiene zone while it is easy to wash.

This Backsaver can easily lift your bins or pallets up approx. 1000 mm. With the starting height and thickness of the pallet, the top of the pallet will be at a maximum of approx. 1100mm.

Together with the Nimo-KG units for lifting as the VT 800 M, LP 1000 P or the standard SKV 300 C3 with a special lifting carriage we can always offer you the optimal lifting device.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about pallet lifters!

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