Small talk with employees at Nimo-KG (part 1)

Firstly, what is your name?

Johan Bergman

How long have you worked at NIMO-KG?

Since January 2005.

Describe your role at NIMO-KG!

I work as CEO. In addition to overall responsibility for operations my focus is on marketing and sales.

What’s the most fun and rewarding to work with at NIMO-KG?

We are a great team that provides a lot of energy and joy. The most rewarding is when we find customized solutions that exceed customer expectations. Personally, I appreciate working with the development of existing and new markets, and our brand.

What is an “ordinary” day at work like for you?

There are no “ordinary” days at work ☺. On the way to work, a “normal” office day, I often do a rough plan for the day. I usually cannot stick to the plan when you get a lot of quick passes that require quick response every day.

It is all about meeting people, customers, partners, suppliers etc..

Tell us about an interesting case that has been particularly fun or challenging during a day with NIMO-KG!

It’s always extra fun when you have success. A while ago, we made one of our largest orders, 14 machines in one delivery. The whole process from quotation, negotiation, design, planning and final delivery is challenging. In this case, we had a very compressed process time and a simultaneous delivery of all machines. In addition to this, our new production manager Lars, just begun. It demanded that we worked together as a team and helped each other. When it works, it feels great!

What do you like to do otherwise, when you’re not at work?

We are an active family who likes to do things together. We have a dog, a boxer named Astrid, that keeps us busy in different ways. In general I’m into sports and like to go watch hockey, football and so on. Music is an important component in life that means a lot to me.

Thanks for the chat!

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