Small talk with employees at Nimo-KG (part 2)

Firstly, what is your name?

Torsten Palmgren.

How long have you worked at NIMO-KG?

Not very long, 38 years, and my goal is to go on for a while..!

Describe your role at NIMO-KG!

Started in 1973 as the first official employee of the title combined Accountant/Draftsman (Trained Economist combined with 1 year technical education).
1981-1988 Financial Manager, also Consolidated Financial responsibility for branch Blaina Gwent in Wales, United Kingdom.
1988 A new Market Education, and at the same time I worked in the old role as well.
From 1990 and forward, Marketing Manager and currently in charge of NIMO-KG’s OEM customers, and some retailers in the Scandinavian countries and parts of Germany, and of course, a number of old direct customers, both Swedish foreign.

What’s the most fun and rewarding to work with at NIMO-KG?

Everything develops daily, new projects, new solutions and new customers! We have often been called “Problem Solvers”!

What is an “ordinary” day at work like for you?

100% active, there is not a spare minute! I always compete with myself, to bring in as many order as possible and I always have a goal on how many new customers I can get per month and year, and I’m also trying to consciously make sure to maintain so-called already “conquered” costumers. I put great demands on myself and my colleagues because I do not like to lose anything or risking making any mistakes.

Tell us about an interesting case that has been particularly fun or challenging during a day with NIMO-KG!

I’ve had the pleasure to negotiate NIMO-KG’s biggest projects ever, such as Procordia “Pytt i Panna”-line, Findus “Pytt i Panna” fully automated frying line, a huge amount of lines of bubblegum for Nicorette. Mine, and NIMO-KG’s largest, business is Findus up-packing, up-weighting and sorting line in Helsingborg, that I must call “my, and our, life-work.”

There are many, many more, interesting cases, as responsible for our OEM customers, I have a the big challenge of being the “best” where these manufacturing customers aldready knows the most of the technology themselves, but may not always have found the best and most economical solution.

What do you like to do otherwise, when you’re not at work?

I have my family, my dear partner Majken, Markus and Morgan with families. And two bonus childrens, Johan, Jill and their families (with 7 grandchildrens between 1-6 years old), a house and home that provides the largest gold edge in life!

I have also a keen interest in technology, old or new, the result of this is a great admiration of the technique of Fergusson’s old “grållar” and such gear. Missing one of my own at the moment tho! Instead I compensated with a new V60. I am also the owner of a mobile home that is a wonderful source of relaxation and it’s also taking much of my spare time!

Thanks for the chat!

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