Small talk with employees at Nimo-KG (part 4)

Firstly, what is your name?

Anders Christersson.

How long have you worked at NIMO-KG?

Since 1 August 2004.

Describe your role at NIMO-KG!

I construct the various customized machines that our sales department is selling.

What’s the most fun and rewarding to work with at NIMO-KG?

When I’ve designed a machine, no matter what type of machine, and then see it in full operation after the construction, then I am very happy with my work at Nimo-KG.

What is an “ordinary” day at work like for you?

All days are pretty much the same for me, designing customized machines and provide with the necessary production drawings for manufacturing.

Tell us about an interesting case that has been particularly fun or challenging during a day with NIMO-KG!

A few years ago I designed a machine that later would be stationed in France. The machine was 7 meters high and had a capacity of lifting 3000 kg, continuously around the clock and to our knowledge, this machine works perfectly since the installation, and it feels extra good that my contribution constructed this machine.

What do you like to do otherwise, when you’re not at work?

I like to walk in the forest and spending time with my family.

Thanks for the chat!

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