Follow-up of our latest activities!

As we have previously written about on our blog, we have exhibited at several Trade Fairs. We believe this form is a good way to display our products and show our brand, and of course, meeting our customers. At the latest show FoodTech show in Malmö for example, we met a lot of new types of prospect customers and we got some very interesting inquiries. At this show we also exhibited products from one of our most recent partners, NTF, which was new and interesting for both of us. The new range contains a broad program in hygienic design for hanging and drying work clothing including coats, aprons, helmets, gloves, shoes and boots.

Trade fairs are just one of many marketing tools we have on our agenda. E-Mails (Sign up here!), traditional mail, sales calls and meetings with both clients and partners are some other tools we are working with continuously. We can also add our internal business plan, that we worked with at our internal work shop in Ängelholm some weeks ago, to our follow-up list!

So right now we’re working intensely to follow up these recent activities. All new contacts we have met, the interest in our products we have received, the number of offers we’ve written and so on. It’s really interesting to evaluate the results of our activities and we can now, happily, see that our activities have led to a good amount of orders!

We at NIMO-KG continuously want to develop our business to higher levels! We want to build long lasting business relationships, strengthen our brand and of course increase sales. Through careful evaluation of our efforts we get feedback on what do and what produces positive results. Everything to keep improving our performance – design, manufacture and deliver customized handling equipment with very high standards!

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