Interesting times!

We are now going through some interesting times. The order book is filled to a level of satisfaction; however there is always space for more. There are many exciting events coming up on different fronts, and many interesting projects running at once!

In terms of our different products we can note that Pallet Changers, as a category, is boosting at the time. The same applies to our single column lifts, the C3 model. For some time we have had even more deliveries of this type of equipment than normal, which is of course very uplifting and pleasant. It is inspirational and a good sign to see that our equipment is this popular!

The MK2, which we launched at the show in Chicago, is getting ready to take over from its older version. In the future all 2-column lifts will have an outstanding hygienic design to a price that is at the same level as the previous MK.

Our partnership with NTF Aalborg is also picking up speed! The first deliveries are now heading out to customers, and more orders are on the way!

We also expand our fleet of service cars. We are expecting another one to be striped in our colors at the end of this month. Keep looking in our blog for pictures of the car that will be published when it has arrived!

We have implemented a number of updates to our website recently! For some time now you can subscribe to our newsletter, see our latest blog posts, like us on Facebook (if you don’t likes us already, please do!), see our OEM customers, distributors, trade shows coming up and some other stuff! Don’t forget to follow us on Linkedin which we find to be a very useful tool in Cyber space.

Keep tuning in to our Internet channels for the latest updates from NIMO-KG!

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