Lots in the pipe!

We have a number of really large projects which are in the startup phase. This feels obviously really good! These projects are on different regions around the world like North America and Saudi Arabia, among others. Since we are working around the world it is comforting to know that when some markets are a bit quiet others keeps us very busy.

Next exhibition is actually starting today! This time it is the Italian market that will have the opportunity to see some of our equipment. The EuroCarne in Verona starts today (May 24) and goes on to the 27th. One of our partners Cavalli will host some of our machines but also the rest of our partners will be able to tell you about our solutions. This is a good time to tune in the Italian market where we will try our best to grow even more in the future.

As we have previously written on our blog we have noticed a lot of reactions from different directions after our recent activities. It feels very good to see that our marketing activities produce results. This together with the normal office work with offers, orders and internal planning (such as budgets etc) keeps us very busy. The most important activity though is to be out there and meet you, our partners and customers, through travelling and meetings.

Better busy than the opposite!

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