The collaboration with NTF has taken off!

For some time now we are working with the Danish company NTF Aalborg. NTF are specializing in products made from round steel bars, net and wire processing. An example of one of their products is their safety mesh which we use a lot around our machine solutions. They work with as high
standards and quality as we are which makes it
a good partnership.

NTF is considered as one of the leading European companies in their niche. The partnership with NTF means that we can offer even higher quality of the solutions where this kind of stainless steel wire or round steel is used. A machine which we are integrating the NTF material is the new SK 800 MK2.

In addition to the safety guarding solutions we can now also offer our customers the rest of the NTF range in terms of hygiene equipment. Especially the glove-, shoe- and boot rack with air ventilators is a product we expect will get good response among our customers. Important to mention with NTF is also that they share our approach with high standards in function, quality and hygienic design. They also have, like us at Nimo-KG, their base of customers in the food industry, which is benefiting for the both of us.

Recently, deliveries and orders have now taken off really good! More information about NTF and their products can be found on their website.

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