When specials are standard!

We have a wide range of standard products and solutions to offer. The most common you find in these segments:

Lifting and tipping equipment (such as the C3, HA 90, 800 HA and 800 MK)
Scales and batching stations (such as SKV, SK and ESV series)
Trolleys and Containers
Pallet-handling equipment
Leveling equipment (such as pallet lifters, PB and Vertical transporters)

Since more than half a decade we have supplied the food industry world wide with customized solutions within the product handling area. Among others we have wide experience in following areas:

• Tipping Systems
• Automatic Tipping Lines
• Weight handling systems
• Positioning Tippers
• Weighing systems
• Screw Conveyors

We offer cost efficient solutions with hygienic design. The equipment is always focused on the flexibility in function as well as the safety aspect. Since we are specialized in hygienic design our solutions are meant to be used within the hygiene zone and are easy to wash down etc. You are more than welcome to contact us about directly to put us on the spot.

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