Summer times at Nimo-KG

The vacation time is already all over us even if it doesn’t show weatherwise. A couple of our co-workers have already started their vacation and our plan is to spread out our vacations between ourselves to week 35. Just so the office has at least three employees at site all the time. All for the best possible service at all times for our customers!

During the summer we have extended our manpower with a summer employee. He is named Gustav and he’s studying mechanical engineer with focus on industrial design and product development at Malmö Högskola. His time here at Nimo-KG he is going to work with interesting product development project. Also Gustav is going to help us out with all different kind of tasks that you will find at an office. As much as it is helpful to have an extra hand at the summer period it is also very good to se some new blood here and a new way of thinking in the organization!

Our production capacity is slightly lower than usual during the summers. But our system with a network of manufactures gives us the advantage of having production capacity all summer long. We are therefore ready as always to take care of both new and existing costumers as good as the rest of the year.

Have a great summer!

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