The sales department visits “the real world”

To understand what we in the sales department put our dear service technicians through (led by Paul Bernklev in the top photo here on the right) I went along for an installation of one of the machines that I’d sold. I had heard “you should have been there, it turned out great”, more than once – and now I finally got the chance to tag along.

This tipping device was purchased specifically to work in a room with a low ceiling height. Which meant somewhat of a challenge as the container that it would empty its content into was fairly tall. But, as our slogan is “when specials are standard”, we got to work right away!

To solve the problem we constructed a super low machine, combined with modified trolleys to keep it from hitting the ceiling during unloading. Somewhat tricky, but with a very successful outcome and a truly satisfied client.

We went up to the factory the day before the installation to ensure that everything was in place, and the day after we got started right away:

07:58 – Team Nimo-KG enters the production facility.
08:22 – The tipping machinery is raised and almost in the right place.
08:45 – The container, that our machine was designed to fill, was also in position and we could precision place the tipping device.
09:00 – The electrician arrives.
09:10 – The machine is connected…
09:30 – …and bolted to the floor. Tested and ready for action!

Easy peasy! 😉

/ Anders

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One Response to The sales department visits “the real world”

  1. K Morgan says:

    Its nice to see that Sales get to see how these machines get installed…….
    The is nothing worse than having to install a machine where the sales team have not seen the enviroment that the machine will be working in, and how to get it in the building…..

    K Morgan
    Unitech Engineering.

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