Small talk with employees at Nimo-KG (part 5)

Firstly, what is your name?

Gustav Stafström.

How long have you worked at NIMO-KG?

I have worked here for about two months during the summer break from my engineering education within product development and design.

Describe your role at NIMO-KG!

I was given the opportunity to work with development of NIMO-KG’s lifts so that they are optimized for today’s requirements of hygiene, ergonomics and safety.

What’s the most fun and rewarding to work with at NIMO-KG?

Since I’m still studying, this has been an excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge I have gained during my education. But above all, this is like a school for me, I am constantly learning new things about how it is to work as a product developer.

What is an “ordinary” day at work like for you?

Mostly, I spend my time on my own projects, but I’m also helping out with creating designs for machines that are going to be manufactured, and of curse other small tasks that are coming up.

Tell us about an interesting case that has been particularly fun or challenging during a day with NIMO-KG!

Although it takes time to come into the processes and routines at a company like this, and I only been here such a short time, I can really feel that I, whom is new to this company can contribute with some new ideas and come up with new points of views in problem solving.

What do you like to do otherwise, when you’re not at work?

I like to be active in my spare time and I’m training for example cycling at the summers and skiing at the winters, if the weather is permitting it of curse. Otherwise, I have a great interest in cooking and I’m hanging out a lot with my friends and my partner.

Thanks for the chat

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