Last week was as usual very busy!

Last monday we had a visit from our new representative in South America. He got a thorough training of our different products. The theoretical part took place in our office where we had a good presentation of our portfolio. We also had the opportunity to see the machines in “IRL” at our manufacturing sites. Here was some hands-on teaching in order to get the best possible training.

We wish Stefan a good return home and hope he will have a good start representing us in the near future.

We have also had commissioning of a series of 3 lifting/tipping units going to Saudi Arabia. These units are meant for tipping into tumblers standing in a row. The units are motor driven sideways along the row of tumblers. When positioned in front of a tumbler the chute is pneumatically moved in to the tumbler hatch in order to fill the batch as clean as possible. Throughout this project we had the goal to tip with as little spillage as possible. At the first test we had a minor loss of liquid at one side. This was not acceptable at quality control so we put some extra effort into the solution. A couple of days later we had a perfect result. We tipped a 720-liter water into the chute without spilling a drop! In a natural situation the machine is supposed to work with a container filled with half bryne and filled up with meat product. This is a much more beneficial situation and therefore the safety margin is well considered.

Since we felt we had a unique solution for the industry we took the effort of filming the action with the help of a professional photographer. The result you will be able to see on Youtube, our blog and exhibitions in the near future.

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