Tipping to tumblers with minimal or no spillage of product or bryne

A well-known difficulty is to tip fluids and not spill anything on the floor (see example). In particular when having to use a chute like when tipping to tumblers. We started up a development project to find a way how to tip safe, easy and clean in to tumblers. The solution we found is we tip in a large fixed chute and use a small chute on the lifting frame. The tipping action is performed with minimal margins and a quick rotation (see animation “tipping action min spill”). In the computer everything looked very promising as you see.

In real life it is very often a different matter. All the details where cut and assembled. A container was filled with water to perform a test as a “worst case scenario”. The result you see in the clip:

We were almost there. Just a small leakage on the side of the chute. However we didn’t give up. Adjustments where done on the frame and chute and a second test was prepared. No we finally reached a 100% tight solution. No spillage what so ever.

See the last two tests:

Within short we will present an edited short film that we will use in future marketing venues.

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