“Hello there… Johan Bergman”

We are closing in on Christmas and the end of 2012. How would you sum up the passed year for Nimo-KG?
We are very proud of having been able to withhold a high level of activity in several different areas. Sales- and marketing efforts, as well as a good focus on product development. To continue building our market position – hygiene, safety and flexibility will remain our highest priority.

How have you been effected of the negative industry trend?

Although there has been some delay, the declining economic climate did catch up with us and our customers this year. Up until a few weeks into the third quarter we had a good flow, but during the last month some projects have been moved forward. One good thing in all this, however, is that we are able to balance it out to some extent as we have clients all over the world – including on continents where the economy is more favorable.

You have exhibited products at a number of trade shows around the world this year. How is the international response at the moment?

Throughout the year we have had very good response at the trade fairs that we have attended. The shows in the US and Germany have resulted in many new projects to work on – and the same goes for the shows in Sweden. Furthermore, we are breaking new ground when it comes to developing new partnerships within the OEM- field. We have found many new process machine manufacturers around the world that want to work with us.

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