2012 with Nimo-KG!

2012 has been full of events and activities. Here are a few examples:
New SK 800 MK
Our newly designed SK 800 MK2 was released in the beginning of the year – and the orders came in one after another. The double column solution has an extreme focus on hygienic design and a optimized tipping movement to minimize product spillage. The interest for the machine reached new levels when…

Export South America
…we landed an order at a total of nine machines to a food industry in Venezuela! This was our first project there and a very nice customer. A huge load was packed and loaded with care to be further shipped over the Atlantic ocean.

The Lift of the Year
2012 marked the premier of our Swedish industry award “Årets Lyft” (“The Lift of the Year”). It was presented at “Chark-SM” (a food industry trade fair) in Gothenburg, Sweden. The proud recipient was Lindvalls Chark, who won the award for improving their production line. Thanks to a new robot, which loads smoke trolleys with sausages, employees reduce the risk of straining their backs. Read more!

The world tour
With a total of 10 shows during the year (among others in Atlanta, Birmingham, Cologne, Malmoe, Verona and Gothenburg) – a “world tour” is indeed a fitting description. The interest has been great and next year looks to hold at least the same amount of trade fairs.

Back in school
In February we went back to school again, as education is indeed the key to success. This time we focused on several very different areas of expertise, such as welding, marketing, hygienic design, product- and operator safety.

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