Heat in the bakery industry

It feels very good to be back again after some days of spending time with family and friends. On the business side we can see that the intensity is coming back gradually. The deliveries of trollies and lifters & tippers are picking up and the coming weeks we are packing machines going east for Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Indonesia. The westbound deliveries go to Denmark, England, and Canada. We have already received some new specific and detailed inquiries on new projects for this new year.

An interesting reflection is that the bakery industry has been a common area for us lately. We have supplied this industry a lot of machines during the years, however we now feel that they have really discovered the benefit of handling their products with our equipment and it feels very fun and rewarding for us at Nimo-KG.

The main part of our range can be used in many different industries and applications. However the important part is that we use our experience and knowledge to tailor the design specifically to handle the different raw material that is used in the different areas. This way you will always get a piece of equipment that is especially meant to be used in the specific environment that you have at your workplace.

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