New year, new opportunities!

IMG_2706We are starting 2013 with a lot of planning and strategic work in order to find the right focus in today’s market. This is what we call interesting and challenging! The budget for 2013 is on the drawing board. A bit late, but since we are changing our fiscal year to follow the calendar we are a little bit behind. We are also looking to identify new prospects, starting to look at some trade fairs to exhibit at and much more of course. We also spend a lot of time and energy to find
innovative solutions for both existing client projects as well as potential new projects.

And some of us have their vacation at the Canary Islands. We are not at all jealous..! The weather here in Sweden is snowy and the temperature is about –10 °C… And at the Canary Islands probably has about 30 degrees warmer than here in Sweden… Must be tough with all that sun and heat 😉

SK 800 MK2 backsideaboveThe booked Trade Fairs for this year is the IPE show in Atlanta which is knocking on the door and starts January 29th and ends the 31st. We are also in the planning process of the IFFA show in Frankfurt, Germany, between the 4-9 of May. At this show we will exhibit with three other Swedish companies in one and the same booth, almost like a “best of collection booth”
we think! It’s going to be a really exciting constellation and show.

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