Great show in Atlanta

IMG_2786The three days at the IPPE show were really great and rewarding. The trade fair had a lot of visitors from a lot of different sectors. We talked and showed our solutions to everyone from interested people who were just curious to the most informed industry professionals. We are very pleased with the results and with all the good indications for our products.

At the show we exhibited along with our partners in the CM Solutions team. IMG_2804The teamwork worked really well and its nice to exhibited with these skilled and experienced people on their home ground.

The travel back to Sweden could have gone a bit smoother though. First of all it was raining, no biggie, but still also being chased by tornados is not the funniest type of weather. This caused a missed flight connection in Chicago which ends up with an extra day before next possibility to come home. When small speed bumps like this happens the creativity kicks in and you are finding a new solution to the minor problems. Just like working at Nimo-KGwhere specials are standard!

IMG_2792 314885_501506336568357_903229723_n

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