SKV 800 MK2-L

IMG_3062At the end of this week we are sending 3 machines as a part of a big project. The destination is one of the major food suppliers in Sweden. Today we had one of the units to pass the delivery test procedure. This contains a check of all measures and functions. Also the capacities and cycle times are being controlled. This procedure is thoroughly documented by our production manager together with the project designer.

The photos shows a machine being able to tip 2 different kinds of circular dough containers. The function is automatic and therefore well guarded with mesh and light curtain.
After pressing the start button the container moves up to tipping position. When it starts to twirl, and after a short while the scraper will come into position. The dough will fall into a hopper with a clip in the bottom. This clip will make it possible to portion the dough onto a feeding conveyor (not included in our scope).

Also shown are our sturdy pallets that will make sure the lifter will reach the customer in a safe way.


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