Handling fresh cabbage

We are at the moment working with a project on handling fresh cabbage. They are contained in a corrugated octabin on a pallet. The process is to feed the cabbage into a shelling machine with an even flow, without dropping any product on the floor.

For the task we are using a SK 800 HA which we adapted the lifting carriage to fit the octabin. The carriage is equipped with a chute to ensure a safe transfer of the cabbage to the hopper of the conveyor. The tipper is guarded on the sides with mesh and at the back there is a hydraulic door moving up over the tipping position when opened. In front of the tipper there is a conveyor levelling the cabbage up to the shelling machine with an even flow.
sk 800 ha

Do you have any projects like this?

Do not hesitate to contact us and see if we can offer you something similar! We will adept our solutions for your special situation in order to find the optimum solution.

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2 Responses to Handling fresh cabbage

  1. k says:

    Same setup as we/you supplied to Heinz in Dundalk, Ireland…… Ask Paul !!!!

    • NIMO-KG says:

      That is correct! This type of application is useful in many situation, not only cabbage. It can be onion, sallads, broccoli or even potatoes.

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