Special container

c3_webOne of our success factors is that we can adapt our lifting and tipping machines to just about any type of containers, tipping into just about any hopper.

The other week we had a good example. The normal use of a single column lifter, the SKV 300 C3T, is to tip 200 or 300 liter standard trolleys.

IMG_3150In this case we were presented a dustbin like the domestic ones you can see at many homes. We received a sample, which makes it a lot simpler to design and verify the function.

The lifting frame was being adapted to hold the dustbin while it was being tipped. Also the lid had to be held in a simple way. On the illustrations you can see our solution. It will be supplied in a week.

A-011892-4 A-011892-5 A-011892-7 A-011892-8

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