Machines needs love too

A while ago, we had an internal meeting discussing a problem one of our clients experienced with one of our machines. We believe that we design machines with high quality, that are safe to operate and easy to maintain and service. They are also, in our opinion, durable and normally work year in and year out. However, this particular hydraulic machine had a strange sound when tipping. We advised the customer to do an overall check and perhaps grease some of the joints if needed. The problem prevailed and got worse. Finally, the machine didn’t work at all.

DSC07409Our service technician visited the customer to solve the problem. After making a thorough check of the main functions he came across the actual problem. He saw that the filter in the hydraulic system was all clogged up and filled with something that wasn’t supposed to be there. He could also see some residue in the hydraulic oil. When asking the customer what happened he got the answer that they had to fill up the tank with more oil. DSC07408Subsequently, they had been using oil from an old container they had in their work shop.

This lesson taught them to only use clean, unused oil and to make sure that it is being used for the right purpose. It often costs time, money and energy to cut corners. Or as our service technician put it: our machines needs some love and consideration in order to do a great job.

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