First days of IFFA in pictures

In the pictures you can see how it looked the day before the fair, the Swedish “Tipsrunda” with attached tiebreaker question, our chef preparing snacks, our stand and our neighbors stands and a lot of happy faces!

Best regards from Frankfurt!

168895_548647105187613_1675172952_n 945171_549125625139761_1356377032_n 922697_549286791790311_1489113637_n 943349_549287158456941_853321872_n 486698_549288175123506_225020136_n 249176_549291325123191_1090595723_n 320733_549300668455590_1977153060_n 393114_549300825122241_1222932879_n 249077_549300985122225_1928490501_n 485422_549301148455542_1140595842_n 37059_549301415122182_1567139205_n 944163_549301798455477_404142512_n 485418_549302031788787_869817599_n

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