Follow-ups after IFFA

922697_549286791790311_1489113637_nThis week is as intense as the weeks before and during the IFFA was. However now it is all about following up leads, completing orders, sending quotes etc.

We had a nice visit on Tuesday from one of our South American distributors. Since they were in Europe anyway they took the time to visit us in Kågeröd. It became a very joyful visit, filled with laughter and noise. They happened to bring their 2-year-old son Dylan, which was very welcomed and inspiring.
Anders is this week chasing customers in the Gothenburg area with the order book. At the moment we believe that some of the most expanding food companies in the country is in this region.

At Friday we have the fortune of showing off one of our earlier installations in the Stockholm area. We have an ongoing project where we want to show a real success story regarding an automatic pallet exchanger in action. Hopefully this will lead to another successful installation.

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