Our new brochure!

Bild 1Some time before the IFFA show that we recently exhibited at we started to work on a brand new brochure. We wanted to produce a printed matter on 24 pages that provides an easy overview of our product range. Also we felt it was important to keep it simple and pedagogical which isn’t always the easiest with our type of products. As you know we work after the device – Where specials are standard (which also the title of the brochure).

The rough framework consists of an intro about us, our 4 major machine categories (SKV 300 C3, SKV 200 HA 90T, SK 800 HA2, SK 800 MK2) and products specifications of the 4 machine groups. And after that we bring up some Accessory products (Scales, Batching stations Elevating equipment Vertical conveyors and Pallet changers) followed by Trolleys, Containers and some different product options and after that the round off begins.

As mentioned in the intro, we had the first use of the brochure at the IFFA show and we got great response and feedback on it! Of course it feels great after the hard work it meant to make it ready in time! For now the brochure is available in English but we work on the translations into German, Spanish and French as well.

Feel free to take a look at the brochure (pdf)

Have a great weekend!

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