This weeks episode from our brochure…

Bild 1This will be a recurring theme on our blog. For some time ahead we are going to highlight selected parts of our new brochure (which you can find here) here at our blog.

In this post we will focus on: SKV 300 C3

General description

SKV 300 C3T_cmykThe Nimo-KG lifting and tipping device SKV 300 C3, usually called a single column lift, is used mainly in the food industry in order to lift and tip the standard 200 or 300 liter buggy into forming machines, fillers, grinders, mixers etc. This single column lift can be manufactured to suit barrels, small containers or other fields of application. It can also be used in other industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical and engineering workshops. The single column lift is designed to comply with ergonomic demands to avoid elements of risk of injury to personnel and to make production more efficient.

Application areas

Meat and poultry, Ready meals, Fruit and vegetables, Bakery products, Confectionary, Other segments of the food industry, And also suitable for other industries such as pharmaceutical industry or chemical industry.

Main features

c3_facts• The power inlet is well protected and integrated in the motor cover. Easy to connect whether the cable comes from above or below.
• The variable tipping height feature is of a robust design. To change the tipping height, three screws are loosened and tightened again, and the switch will automatically follow.
• The chain is easily checked, adjusted and greased from the opening in the column.
• The column is open all the way through, so all the dirt falls down onto the floor while washing. The 60 mm clearance from the floor also helps keep the work area hygienic.
• The control buttons are safely integrated into the column. The cabinet is made from stainless steel and all cables run inside the column.
• When installing the bolted version column, leveling is very easy thanks to to the machines adjustable feet.
• The safety features are well tested to protect in the event of chain break and to prevent trolleys from falling out.

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