This weeks episode from our brochure…

Bild 1This is a recurring theme on our blog. For some time ahead we are going to highlight selected parts of our new brochure (which you can find here).

In this post we will focus on: SK 800 MK2

General description

SK 800 MK2The twin-column lift is used to lift and tip raw material into a production line in a safe and efficient way. The system contains a full range of solutions to integrate and adapt to different situations, containers and hoppers. The MK2 is the optimum way to tip material wherever needed, if space is tight, in multiple containers or when the requirements are high. As a bonus the system has a modern and efficient design, it is easy to clean and low on maintenance.

Application areas

• Meat and poultry
• Ready meals
• Fruit and vegetables
• Bakery products
• Confectionary
• Other segments of the food industry
• And also suitable for other industries such as pharmaceutical industry or chemical industry

Main features
SK 800 MK2 _fakta
• The electrical cabinet is mounted on distances in order to give easy access for cleaning purposes.
• The tipping height is adapted for the purpose.
• If needed the lifting frame can be designed with a chute to lead the product clean, safe and gentle to the intended position.
• The chain is easily checked, adjusted and greased from the opening in the columns.
• The overall design is intended to make the cleaning as easy as possible.
• The automation level is decided by the needs. From the standard execution with push buttons it is easy to upgrade the unit with automatic features, since the main of the body already is equipped with a safety guarding.
• When installing the bolted version column it’s very easy to make it level due to the adjustable machine feet.
• We have a full range to handle different weight capacities from 200–3000 kg.

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