This weeks episode from our brochure…

Bild 1This is a recurring theme on our blog. For some time ahead we are going to highlight selected parts of our new brochure (which you can find here).

In this post we will focus on: Containers

General description

The containers are used to contain and transport raw material in a safe and efficient way. They are available in stainless steel as well as plastic. There is a variety of volumes and designs to meet the different demands that are found on different markets.

Application areas

• Meat and poultry
• Ready meals
• Fruit and vegetables
• Bakery products
• Confectionary
• Other segments of the food industry
• And also suitable for other industries such as
pharmaceutical industry or chemical industryBild 1

Transport trolleys
A container on wheels.
Available in 400, 500 and 600 liter size.

The Euro container
A stackable container.Bild 2
Available in 600 liter size.

Large containers
Containers designed for larger volumes.
Available from 800 liter size.

Special design containersBild 3
We can design containers according to your
specifications and sizes. Just specify your
needs and we will suggest a special design for you.

Bild 4

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