A unique offer – almost 40% less!

We do our very best to fulfill the expectations that you as customer have on us every day. Our motto is “Where specials are standard”, meaning that a normal project for us is to optimize the product for your situation the best we can. It also means that we redesign our products to fit into your special situation. Also we adapt to the currency you are familiar to use and the delivery term you feel confident with. This means that we are adding design hours, risk momentum and administration costs. For a customized project this will still be at a reasonable price level.

However when it comes to a situation where a machine in standard execution are doing the job. When it will be very transparent with our competition. At these occasions we now and then meet the comment “Your quality is great, but the price is too high…”.

This is why we started thinking about this new approach. If we share the risks, agree on certain terms and accept certain limits we can offer you the highest quality to the lowest price on the market. Also the shortest lead time you have ever seen! At this moment we are working on building a stock on these items. With this set up there are only winners.

Choose a single column lift, right or left-handed, mobile or fixed, tipping between 1600 – 2200 mm. All we ask for is to be able to invoice in SEK, you pay the transport and pay in advance.

If you have other preferences just ask and you will receive a quote as usual.

Read more: Special blog offer C3 2013

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