This weeks episode from our brochure…

Bild 1This is a recurring theme on our blog. For some time ahead we are going to highlight selected parts of our new brochure (which you can find here).

In this post we will focus on: Accessory products for trolleys and containers

Washing and cleaning accessories
Bild 1
A trolley or container needs to be washed after every use. In order to do this in an efficient way we offer you different tools or accessories that has proven to be very helpful.


Bild 2In order to store the trolleys or containers we have developed a range of different solutions. Depending on your needs different solutions are required. A washed trolley should preferably be stored upside down while a container containing a food mix which needs to be stored for a period of time, needs a different solution. Ask us what solution would be best for you.

Protection of the content Bild 3

We have an assortment of different kinds of products to protect the content of the ingredients, product or raw material in the container. There are cases where it is a need for a tight and heavy duty lid made of stainless steel or plastic. Many times it is enough with a thin plastic film that is supposed to be used one time. We have the solution for you in regards of easy handling and all hygienic aspects.

Stacking tools
Bild 4
The standard trolley would many times be better off if it could be stacked after being filled with a content. We have hygienic and safe tools for this: the stacking lid.

Spare parts

Bild 5The component which suffer the most on the standard trolley is, of course, the wheel. We have these on stock to be delivered to you at short notice as a spare part. Wheels, together with a numerous number of components, can always be delivered at short notice.

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